Corporate Philosophy

Through our engineering plastics business, we are committed to people, their future, and the creation of value that can be shared with society.

Philosophy Management Policy

The key to realizing "the creation of value that can be shared with society" is to "fully demonstrate creativity fostered by the exercise of individual initiative and autonomy.

The basic management policy that incorporates these principles is placed as "the path we want to take and the mountain we want to climb" as the construction of "the way we want to be," and is shown below.

We place the highest priority on physical and mental health and safety. For ourselves, our families, and our associates.

We take pleasure in the realization of our customers' products and enrich society through our customers' products.

Be a part of it.

  • Always think about what we can do and what we want to do for these purposes, and take action.   We will polish our ability to think and act, and nurture our ability to create.