OUR POLICYThe path we want to take,
the mountain we want to climb

Our materials help our customers realize their products and enrich society through those products.
We believe that our customers' products are the key to providing convenient and comfortable lifestyles to the world,
Society becomes materially and spiritually richer.



We will take over and operate the polyacetal resin, polyphenylene ether resin, and high-performance polyamide resin compounding business, which had been marketed through MEP, through an absorption-type demerger.


The corporate logo is designed by combining three motifs: Earth (= global supplier), Leaves (= contribution to the environment and society), and Products (= materials we supply and the products we create from them). As a pioneer in the field of engineering plastics, it symbolizes GLOBAL POLYACETAL CO., LTD.'s commitment to the environment and society through the provision of valuable products and services.