Quality, Environment and RC Policy

GLOBAL POLYACETAL CO., LTD. (GPAC) works to provide valuable products and services that meet a diversity of global needs through the production and sales activities of our polyacetal resin, polyphenylene ether resin, and high-performance polyamide resin compounds.
We will boost the quality of our efforts to that end, working to improve the capabilities of both individuals and the organization.

We will also work towards sustainable social development through actions that are mindful of environmental health on a global scale, including through helping reduce climate change, build a recycling-oriented society, and preserve biodiversity.

GPAC is committed to Responsible Care (RC) initiatives, and we take great pleasure in bringing customer products to fruition with the aim of helping them contribute to the enrichment of society. We are also committed to creating a workplace that places the highest priority on physical and mental health and safety, working to realize a sustainable society and create value that can be shared with society.

Q/E/RC Integrated Slogan

  • Quality: We work to improve the quality of all the elements of our company at a competitive pace, including management, organization, technology, business development, employees, products, facilities, and information.
  • Environment: To pass on a rich living environment and nature to the next generation, we act with regard to environmental conservation and strive to prevent environmental pollution.
  • Responsible Care (RC): We endeavor to provide safe products with the environment in mind and manage product information, ensuring customer confidence in their use.

Code of Conduct

  • As GPAC works to further Globalize the company, we strive to create synergies by integrating manufacturing, sales, and technology, including at our bases overseas, and develop an integrated management system to help continuously improve environmental and quality standards.
  • With the PDCA cycle in mind, GPAC is mindful of the lifecycles of its products across the range of our business activities, including research and development, procurement, production, logistics, sales, and technical services. We conduct preliminary assessments on safety and environmental factors during the research and development stage, striving to provide products that ensure societal trust, including that of our customers, while preventing environmental pollution, responding to global environmental changes, and implementing safety measures regarding security issues and disaster preparedness.
  • In the pursuit of a sustainable society, GPAC demonstrates Ability to work to improve quality and environmental standards, harnessing its abilities to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve carbon neutrality.
  • GPAC builds a Clear workplace environment and complies with and fulfills laws, regulations, and other management standards relevant to our products and business activities.
  • GPAC ensures that this policy to abundantly clear to all employees.
  • GPAC discloses product information related to safety and the environment. We also provide information to the public through our website, among other means.

Naoto Obayashi, President and Representative Director
Established on April 3, 2023